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The interests and welfare of businesses along Orchard Road is key to what we do at Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA).

The organisation is split into a five-member office that manages daily operations and an executive committee comprising various stakeholders working pro-bono to set its direction and uphold the interests of ORBA members.

Since 1998, ORBA seeks to enhance and improve the business environment on what is now one of the world’s most acclaimed shopping, dining and entertainment precincts. Businesses along Orchard Road are promoted and facilitated on a timely basis, through events, business development, promotion and marketing.

Membership in ORBA is open to Orchard Road stakeholders, as well as non-stakeholders who have an affiliation to lifestyle businesses along Orchard Road. There are currently 121 members (as at time of print) in the Association, including the owners and managers of shopping malls, departmental stores, leading retailers, hotels and restaurants.

ORBA operates under the auspices of Singapore Tourism Board with its administration entrusted to an Executive Committee comprising some
 of Orchard Road’s key stakeholders.

ORBA initiates change with the aim to continually excite people and keep them coming back to the great street we believe Orchard Road to be.

ORBA also acts as the Place Manager of Orchard Road, assisting in its development, activities and other public issues. The Association represents members and through close collaboration with different stakeholders and authorities, addresses and resolves issues that affect the precinct.

The Association aims to:

  • Study and improve the business environment of Orchard Road, through the creation of activities, business development, promotion and marketing.
  • Facilitate new business collaborations and/or alliances between both stakeholders and non-stakeholders.
  • Assist with Orchard Road’s development, activities, and other public issues.
  • Promote the welfare of businesses on Orchard Road.
  • Represent members and deal with matters concerning the Association.

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What is it

Place Management is an approach for getting all stakeholders within an area / precinct to work together to enhance the way people in the area work, live, stay, shop, play and dine. Hence, we want to enhance this collaborative effort dedicated to making sure that Orchard Road:

  • Is attractive & well-kept;
  • Is marketed effectively to the outside world;
  • Is providing something more than shopping to attract visitors; and
  • Continues to be a top destination for tourists and locals alike.


About the Orchard Road Envisioning Project

The Orchard Road Envisioning Project takes place from October – December 2015. The project seeks to develop a long term vision and bold ideas to reinvent the Orchard Road precinct into one of the top lifestyle destinations in the world that continues to stay relevant and competitive in its offerings to both locals and visitors. 

The project has been structured to include participation by Orchard Road’s key stakeholders. Business owners and stakeholders living and working within the precinct are strongly encouraged to participate.

This initiative is in yours, and your businesses’ interests, as its success depends on the effective management and promotion of Orchard Road.

Get Involved

We’re interested in understanding challenges and sentiments that you face as a stakeholder on Orchard Road so that we can better address them. We have A Great Street. Help us to make it better.

Click here to find out more about ORBA and what we do, and if you’d like, download our membership kit and send your application to info@orchardroad.org!

Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA) was formed in 1998 under the auspices of the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). Since inception, ORBA has dedicated itself to enhancing the street’s position as one of the world’s premier shopping and lifestyle destinations. The Association has been working relentlessly to bring together stakeholders, non-stakeholders, government agencies, and various groups to share a common goal of building and maintaining Orchard Road’s position as A Great Street.

How to Join

Membership is open to all who own, operate and have any affiliation to any business along Orchard Road. Simply log onto our website to download a membership form, fill it up and then fax it to us. ORBA offers two different categories of membership:

  1. Stakeholders Developers, building owners, retailers, food & beverage operators, entertainment establishment operators, and non-profit organisations that own or have a place of business along Orchard Road.

  2. Associate (no voting rights) Any person, business or firm that neither owns nor has a place of business along Orchard Road. All membership applications are subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. 

To find out more about how to join, the benefits of being a member and about ORBA, please download our Membership Kit.

download membership kit

Endorsement of Private Lamp Post Banners

Please read the following extract of URA’s guidelines and complete the form below.

  1. Temporary signs are permitted on lamp posts located within the development boundary. However, these signs can only be used for the promotion of development and tenant related events and activities only (e.g. the launch of tenant’s new collection or product, end of season sale, new outlet opening, etc). Third-party commercial advertisements are strictly not allowed.
  2. Design Specifications
    • All signs shall be designed, constructed, finished and maintained to a high standard.
    • The scale, proportion and form of the signs are to be approprately sized. No banner sign is to have an area greater than 2sqm.
    • Each lamp post can carry one set of banners, which can either be single or double-sided.
    • The following information is to be clearly indicated on the banner sign:
      1. The name of the event / activity;
      2. The date / duration of the event; and
      3. The venue of the event, name and unit no. of the tenant on name of the development.
  3. The maximum display period for each temporary sign is two calendar months. There is to be a minimum period of two weeks before the display of a replacement sign at the same location.
Display Period
2 months max
Name of Advertiser
Company Name
Location of Lamp Posts
Billing Address
Contact Person
Mobile No.
Email Address

Required Supporting Documents (zipped)

Upload a SINGLE zipped file of all required documents and visuals. Maximum 2MB (2048kb).

Please include the following documents in the zipped file:

  • Supporting Letter from Landlord that shows that the Applicant is a tenant of the Building they are advertising in;
  • Artwork of lamp post banner that is endorsed by the Applicant and Landlord;
  • Display sequence of lamp post banners; and
  • BCA application form.
Endorsement Fee

Non-member (S$267.50 inclusive of GST)

Member (S$160.50 inclusive of GST)

Check if you are an ORBA member

Payment Method


Cheque should be crossed and made payable to “Orchard Road Business Association”. Please present the cheque payment at ORBA’s office in exchange for the Letter of Endorsement.

Credit Card

Credit Card payment is only available at ORBA’s office.


Please note that the endorsement process will take at least 3 working days. If you need help or clarifications, please contact the following:

Ms Juliana Fan
Contact No.:
6733 1700
Email Address:
Mondays – Fridays, 10am – 12pm OR 3pm – 5pm (excluding Public Holidays)
Office Address:
91 Tanglin Road, #03-01 Tanglin Place, Singapore 247918
Job Openings

Do you wish to work in the heart of Singapore’s most exciting shopping district?

ORBA aims to place the right people in the right business to achieve desired results.

This a job portal specially created to assist ORBA members in filling the vacancies within their businesses. This password-enabled page allows Orchard Road employers to post career opportunities right here:

Assistant Restaurant Manager (Café)
Food & Beverage
Chef De Partie
Junior Sous Chef (Pastry)
Chief Steward
Front Office
Security and Fire Safety

Get in touch with Orchard Road Business Association

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ORBA Members (Listings, Promos & Jobs)

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Tanglin Place Singapore 247918

65 6733 1700

Privacy & Disclaimer

Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA) respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information. ORBA collects the personal information we need to provide information services to you and your organisation. Your personal information may be shared among other affiliated partners, and you agree to us doing so, unless you tell us otherwise.

ORBA does not sell its database to any third parties. ORBA considers the responsible use of personal information to be of vital importance and is committed to respecting your privacy.


The details of businesses, organisations and services contained in Orchard Road website is provided by the Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA) and members and affiliated partners. Changes may have been made after the date provided so users should check the accuracy of the information with ORBA. ORBA does not accept any responsibility or liability for any claims or loss arising out of the descriptions or information supplied in relation to this site or other sites which may be linked to our site from time to time. Links to other sites are for information only and ORBA accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of material on linked sites, and does not necessarily endorse the views expressed within them. Facts and figures are liable to change.

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